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Wifeys World pornsite really has been around since 1998, and that’s a ton of years of making wife related hardcore niches. So what have they done to keep from being bad, unwatched, or unloved? There’s a lot that has been done in these years of production. The one important theme of the site used to be about the sexual life of this wife who is a mad fanatic of different type of sex with her husband. They would film themselves, film how the wife plays about with all kinds of role playing stories. She would be a nurse, a neighbor, a submissive slave, a sex worker, a teacher, a massage therapist, or any other bloody thing she needed to be to make husband cock erect.

This would be accomplished through using different props, costumes, sets, and storylines. For many years, this kind of filthy couple play was stimulating to watch online inside her official website. The big thing is that diversity and creativity always needs to have refresher courses every now and then.

So following that thought, this website is moving into something newly delicious. Nowadays there are strange cocks of black guys having a chance to see if wifey can deep throat, play anal, milk black cock with her tits, and have her wet snatch grinding on strange cocks. Yes, they are now inviting outsiders, cocks that aren’t her husbands, and soon they’ll be starting having more females coming to play with the couple (if the owner of this site keeps on listen to her fans).

This change of direction is thanks to the fans, fans commenting and interacting inside the blog linked in this site, and this shows the willingness of this porn star to grow in new directions. Okay, wifey has maddeningly good looks; she has a perfect ass and the big breasts crucial to intense sucking and squeezing by the husband. There’s a pile up of videos, high definition is 720p to the archive and lower resolution of archives in 480p or lower SD. One idea suggested is that the site needs remaking of the older galleries to full HD resolution. You’ll have to wait and see on that front. There are 100s of pictures to be packed in zip files and saved and opened in resolution that’s mainly from 1000pixels upwards.

The website looks robust enough to have multiple navigational options, and they still are making weekly updates. What works for the Wifeys World discount is the passion of role play and the zeal the porn milf shows in all her hardcore travels, what could improve on this is more diversity as explained earlier to broaden the playing field. Though if you like wife hardcore draining of the cock you’ll find plenty of reasons to stick around inside this place, so pay them a visit.