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The pornsite called We Are Hairy is presented simply as the website where the ladies grow natural bush on their bodies and have no reservations showing off their natural bodies. The more relevant question is how appealing this sort of hair-niche porno is, and what sorts of ladies does this website have dealings with! According to them, girls here are always hairy, always beautiful, fresh faces, and exclusive to this website! A look at the ladies spreading their legs and touching themselves inside the member’s area reveals body types of blondes, brunettes, redheads, Europeans, ebony, trim bodies as well as more curvy females.

It’s about many niches when dealing with the films: niches of – masturbation, uniforms, striptease, puffy nipples, lingerie, hardcore, interviews, squirting, tattoos, lesbians, piercing, etc. No one can say that a lack of categories plagues this website because they are showing they can juggle many niches very well! When the hairline of the sexy models here is left to roam loose on their bodies, there is nowhere that the bushy hair will not grow.

So you have models on WeAreHairy with hairy armpits, legs, backs, thighs, asses, even some have around the nipples (which is strange but interesting to some). You know the major gamble when it comes to fetishes is that they appeal to a small select group of porn fans, so if a website is all about making this one fetish, they are somewhat limiting their options in the porn market. Many fetish websites have only select fanatical fans that they attract and this limits their popularity and fame. But when fetish websites get it right, they are an immediate success in the industry – and we’d like to believe that this pornsite is among the more successful ones!

Apart from fetish hair themes, they pack galleries with beautiful models, a definite draw for those who want variety beauty more than they care for the hairy pussy! Anyway, regardless of this all, this website does get the technical aspect of production correct with their galleries. For example, both computer and mobile device formats are yours inside. Psp and iPod formats smaller in dimension and resolution because they have to be so that it’s easy for mobile device users to watch the movies! For bigger files, check the 720p-HD, in wmv and mp4 files. Or you can get DVD resolution, clean stuff, but the HD-Res is much better.

Pictures are in 3 types, small, medium, large (1024, 1600, 3000 pixel-res), with all aspects of editing and production taken care of impressively. These guys are professionals, films are 15 minute or longer, download or streaming tools are served up neatly. Simple website, clean organization, not much of the flamboyant tuff, but the fetish beauty of hair is done superbly. You can try out a trial membership, which will just lead you to full membership deal, cause We Are Hairy is that good and damn interesting!