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Videos, pictures, gossip, news, anything that has to do with celebrities from Hollywood gets so much attention from the media – so, it’s only normal that the sex tapes made by so many celebs would get to have the time to shine and show inside the pornsite Vivid Celeb! What do celebrities do to get all this fame and importance? They make movies. They make music. They are fashion icons and set fashion trends. Now they make sex tapes. Amateur camera filming is something that everyone does, but celebs like making private sex tapes. They believe no one will ever see them, wrong.

This porn company is always searching to see if they can unearth new materials. And they will come because one thing is for sure, if there is a group of people addicted to notoriety and sex movies then it celebs. In fact for some of them have made careers out of the leaked private movies they made of them sucking cocks, moaning like hot foxes on heat, stripping, modeling in bikinis, naked sunbathing, and lots of other activities. They have used that exposure and snowballed themselves into major deals with advertising companies and modeling companies. The reverse is also true. Some who had mega careers saw them go down the toilet as leaked footage of them in hardcore sex didn’t sit well with other people.
The site:

It has a bold red theme and black background that lifts the movies right to your face. They have 20+ movies of celebs you know and other b-list celebs. The website promise to update more celebs soon. The videos are cut into clips. The smaller ones are about five minutes, but the full videos are like thirty minutes or thereabouts. There is direct streaming, full screen playing, and the kicker is that members can’t save the films. It would be stupid for this pornsite to let members save because they would share with others and thus there would be no need to join this pornsite to see the celebs. (That’s the thought process we think they have anyway!)

Videos are spiced with descriptions to make them interesting. They don’t have a lot celeb tapes so they have arranged what they have nicely enough. For the fans of hardcore DVD porno, there are over two hundred forty movies that come with membership here, as additions. The quality of streaming hardcore videos is in three formats, plus they also have high definition.

Vivid Celeb needs to be more full of content of what people want and that is sex videos of celebs. If they make more they will get more members, for now you decide whether you wanna see the celebs they have! Enjoy