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The British milf pornstar called Lady Sonia has an official website where all things about her and the many fetishes she has are explored. What’s her age right now?

Considering how long she has been in the industry, she is well aged and sexy in her mid fifties (we’d assume). Her website is a plethora packed assortments of things, she is known for having a wide appetite in the porn hardcore industry. Some will swear that Sonia is all about dominatrix mistress, others bdsm, others fetishes that include legs and feet, bondage, big tits, the list is long for sure! But all of her fans and critics agree that it’s the wholesome appeal of different genres that keeps fans happy.

You can agree or disagree, but the website has over a thousand videos by today and well over 1700 galleries of pictures. You can think you know what this lady has, but you have to dive into the HD 1080p films to become a real critic of her work. It would seem that the lady doesn’t appear in each frame or second of footage that is here. The pornstar has friends, they love hardcore among other indulgences, she allows them room in her website to play out their fantasies. So that’s another bonus mix of models and things for you to look forward to. The natural delightful appeal of the swaying breasts of this British beauty will have you unzipping or adjusting yourself!

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