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You will be gobsmacked by the way handles itself when it comes to the porn niches that they make. You will look, be utterly drawn to the hardcore bdsm, submission, whipping, restraints, anal play, machines, dungeons, and everything else that is in there. This studio makes content said to revolve around masters and slaves, gays, shemales, lesbians, gangbangs, public, solo, and these are just the first main fetishes that’ll you get. To educate in the styles and ways of the art of bdsm, this studio contains videos of instructional nature as well as Kink University.

And, as you tour inside you will feel the corruption of your simple sexual desires into more dark red-hot depravities, which for some reason only seem to be getting even filthier with each update. The websites are the main attraction where different themes and models are given the chance to entertain, torment, submit their bodies for climax training and much more. They have nicely separated the website; you can access them through the menu or read a bit about them.

You will have the section where there’s news, behind scene films, live shows, and cams, information on tours and online shop for all variety and manner of sex toys. After this, it’s the bdsm and bondage part, which has 12 websites listed there, last we checked. Some of the website are old, some new, they deal with a range of things (Slaves are trained, water bondage, fetish gangbangs, forced sex submission, public humiliation, dungeon depravities, etc). Next section is fetish, giving you around eight websites to deal with. These have shemales, foot and butt worship, machine sex, wrestling lesbians, and more. Then there is the gay section, 8 websites again, all types of nasty desires that gays inflict on each other.

If you want femdom porn, there are five niche websites that deal with electro shock, humiliation, pain, ball squeezing, whipped sluts, lesbian, etc. And all this is just the start. The discount is filled with more than twelve thousand films of varying degrees of quality. The quality changes because of the different ages of the videos, meaning that films done years ago normal are 480p or lower in resolution. Videos of more recent years have been 720p HD and above to full HD resolution. Information is all over this place for those who want to know and read.

Picture albums linked to footage, pictures with high resolution, and overall updates are multiple across several websites that they have here. You do have to join because of the alternative niches hat they have and the extreme creativity they exhibit. The reputation of this studio is too vast, it’s too appealing, it’s simply the kinkiest bdsm you will ever see! Join them. There is a lot more to discover than simply what is in this review!