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The GFLeaks discount network is relying on the website they have to entertain all the fans. The websites are – Horny Birds, Crazy Asian Gfs, Black Gfs, Dare Dorm, Crazy College Gfs, Gf Revenge. The content passed around is raw and it’s also part amateur filming and part professional. For instance, there are videos of parties that college students film themselves having that have shaky cams and other amateur qualities. There are also personal tapes of girlfriends who have sex with lovers and then that film gets uploaded to the GF Revenge website. There is challenge porn, meaning challenges of sexual nature are given to different students who take them on wholeheartedly. There are Asians and ebony princes with soft small bodies fucking all friends. And college girls like seeing the wet pussy of other sexy lady students.

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In the start, there was no downloading of the videos but that has been scrapped. There are download links for HD videos inside. There are pictures with resolution like 2700pxl, and low 900pxl. There are films with low res too, or sd\DVD resolution, plus the site is updating now in high definition videos. And the downloads are for pics too, zip file, with 3 weekly updates so you will be preoccupied with what they have. Mobile version of the network and smooth design navigation wraps up the best qualities of GFLeaks Network. Use the keywords and other many features to find all the crazy shenanigans of different wild girlfriends they show here. Get in there now!