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If you are really angry at your ex girlfriend, perhaps submit that crazy night where she threw off her top and banged the first man she saw. Or the video of her sucking off your very appreciative dick.

This is what GF Revenge is all about, it is about regular people submitting their smut for a price. You get paid for any videos or photographs accepted for submission. The truth of the matter is though, I personally feel that this is a mixture of the real deal with some professional models and videos thrown in.

The overall effect is hot and it really gets you going knowing that some of the footage is done by real people while they were horny and you get to watch.


There are over 200 GF Revenge videos with another 200 plus galleries. This is not HD, clearly because submissions are the real deal and so some of it is not professionally shot. The good news is that this actually adds to the appeal of the website because you know that it is not glossy and with high production values. This will allow you to really enjoy everything you see and when you have an average movie length time of 15 minutes at least it should be easy to get your rocks off.

The Cost

So what is this going to cost you in order to gain access to all of these women having hot and horny sex? Well, you should take note of a two day trial period that is going to cost you just under $2 and you have to admit that this really is amazing value for money. After this, you should consider checking out the 90 days option as an absolute minimum because even though it looks a lot of money, it works out at not very much per week with the GF Revenge discount provided. This will then allow you to take your time to check to see if you know anybody that is getting down and dirty on GF Revenge.

If you love your porn to be raunchy and amateur, then this is undoubtedly the website for you.