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Fucked Hard 18 is a pretty simple site to summarize. There are a bunch of eighteen year olds that are getting fucked every way that you can think of. While the young age and all of the potential may make you somewhat excited, let me be the very first to tell you that you should not get too excited.

Sure, they have a decent amount of videos, right now they have somewhere around one hundred and twenty, but there are too many drawbacks to this site to be considered among the very best. For example, the whole premise of the site is very convoluted. Sure, all of these girls come over for a special full body massage and they end up having sex. Whether this is hearkening back to the good old days of the forgotten purse or the pizza man needing to deliver some hot sausage, it really does not matter. The whole set-up is so bizarre that it really takes a lot away from the porn that you are watching.

Now, some people may think that the girls on Fucked Hard 18 may be able to compensate for the entire weird nature of the affair here, and you would be wrong. The site does not have a great deal of different girls, so they end up renaming them and using them in cycles because they only maintain about seventy five different women on the site. If the truth is to be told, most of the girls are obviously not eighteen years old, and many of them look a little more used up than that. Perhaps the only good part about this site is that they have a forum site that you can go on and meet and speak with some of the porn stars. This means that you can talk to them about the different movies that they are doing and some of those that are coming up. Maybe you can even suggest some of the new titles for them so that they can make some decent porn.

If you are looking to join the site, then you will need to pay for a full month ahead of time which will cost you about $17.95. They also have a discounted rate for those who opt for a longer duration. Overall, the site is average and you could get your money’s worth on another site.