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Fake Taxi is about a guy who gives taxi rides to desperate chicks in UK and accepts payments in kind. A girl can pay with her ass or pussy but a blow job is also an acceptable means of payment. So far, the guy has come to the rescue of many gorgeous chicks that gets stranded on the road due to lack of cash or as a result of a variety of other reasons. Whatever the reasons may be, the guy is always ready to help out.

Once the girl gets in the taxi, she meets a friendly guy who breaks the ice by chatting and seducing her. This is a way to give her the opportunity to bargain and decide how she wants to pay for the ride. She can choose to give a blow job or get drilled in the ass or pussy. In case she does not bargain, the guy can make his own choice from the various goodies.

Fake Taxi is a fairly small site but they have managed to upload more than 155 videos of the taxi action. They are offering full HD files that you can download and save in your computer. You may also stream the videos online. There are a number of formats to choose from including MP4 (852×480; 2725k), Windows (1280×720; 5625k) and Flash (1280×720; 2567k).

Though they have no photos, there are nice thumbnails of the girls posing inside the car and they also give incredible video caps showing you what exactly is inside the movies. The site has a simple user interface with thumbnails displaying their scenes. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to that particular scene and you can proceed to download or stream.

Their materials are not date stamped but it looks like they update at least 10 videos in a month and there are also bonus materials that you can check out. Their videos are quite long, averaging at 30 minutes each so their archives of videos translate into many hours of porn that will keep you busy for at least a month.

Most of the girls featured are aged between twenty and forty. You will get the normal town girl, pornstars and even gorgeous escort girls who just had nasty experiences with bad clients who refused to pay them their dues. They come looking for a rescue ride only to get drilled again in the car. You will see girls wearing different sexy attires like hot leather pants, office attires, casual as well as the girl next door type of outfits.

I can classify the Fake Taxi discount as one of those deals with exciting content that feature reality type of action that will keep you glued to your screen playing the unique scenes one after the other. The quality is great and the scenes are exclusive with a very nice touch of creativity. I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.