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It doesn’t take much to realize your life has a sense of profundity that cannot be left missed. In Plato’s Cave, there was the concept of inadvertent discovery, where the fettered man could not have realized his mere confinement should he not have been dragged out in the open. The moth was a culprit to the mechanical orientation of human existence and it is – in its obvious ways – an allusion to the person who drags the fettered man out of the cave. One was forced into discovery, the other brought into curiosity, and that is a knockout right there. Such is the case with the site we have for review today. It’s called Dogfart Network and it’s going to shed light on how your pornographic endeavors should be dynamic, an awesome discovery.

I’m pretty sure the name is familiar to you and it’s probably only remained that way because you have been so much about avoiding what is already in front of you, thinking that it might not be as good as it sounds. You haven’t been curious enough, and you have to begin now by checking out the contents of the Dog Fart Network. They have been in the industry for a long time now and they are still standing strong and growing better because of taking pride with the media they produce. The premise is simple: make something eccentric in a hanky panky kind of way. And it works.

Dogfart as a network is a massive porn site, like there are literally thousands of videos and photos that you can enjoy through it. The reason being, the network is mashed up with several different niche sites, 22 to be exact, all active and regularly updating. For that it is awarded as one of the industry greatest mega sites, exhibiting over 3,400 scenes coming from a wide variety of categorical wonders. There are also 2,900 plus photo sets that are complementary to the videos, showing off the models and all the sexy things about porn with every detail on focus.

Today, the site is at a dogfart discount membership rate of $8.33 a month from its original 34-dollar tag. All the unlimited streaming and downloading will definitely satiate your thirst and hunger for some awesome porn experience. Enjoy!