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DDF Network is an award winning website that has not received a great deal of limelight in the past few years, although they have been active for over six years on the same site. The first thing to consider about this site is the layout and design.

The first thing that you are going to notice about this site is that the background text is downright offensive to your eyes, and the font will make you squint until you are seeing double. The one thing that you will see is some of the hot women on the site. At a quick glance, they are all hot and in their twenties, with rather decent bodies. However, once you begin to really look at the women, you will quickly see that the majority of them are heavily made-up versions of one another.

The good part about the models is that there is a lot of them; right now the site is carrying videos and photographs of over two thousand different women for your viewing pleasure. This is a good deal of women, and there is little wonder as to how they have won all of the different awards for their site with a collection so large and talented. Speaking of awards, DDF Network discount has won several adult entertainment awards, including the prestigious AVN award for the last three years in different categories. One of them was for their unique brand of music and filmography.

There things are often taken for granted in the porn industry, but the engineers at DDF Network have made it so you never miss a second of the action, and that the music is cool and subtle, rather than blaring elevator music. These things make the porn experience much better and more approachable. Another great part about this site is the fact that they have over twelve thousand different videos across their platform. This is a huge number, which will make you question if they are all of decent quality, and in consideration of that question, about sixty percent of them are good quality. Many of these videos have been filmed in the times before 1080p and other forms of high definition. However, the sheer number of videos more than compensates for this little drawback.

All things considered, the DDF Network is above average: worth the membership and fresh enough to capture your imagination.