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Dare Dorm is one of those awesome amateur porn sites that gets submissions from real college teens wanting to make an extra buck. Of course, they would want to use the money to have some fun since college should not be for books alone. There are 74 episodes in the website and each one lasts about 53 minutes long.

Each video comes with a separate photo set that shows thumbnails of the video. The bad part about this website is the fact that the videos can only be streamed so they can’t be downloaded which is a real bummer especially if there is no Internet connection and you are game for some amateur fun. The website is fairly new which is pretty cool since it has such amazing content. There is a $10,000 reward for girls who submit naughty videos that reveal them in all their naked glory. That amount is large enough to attract a ton of desperate students who want to pay their tuition fees. For subscribers there is a dare dorm discount to entice the joining desire.

There is nothing like seeing college girls get naked and have sex with some horny dudes since they are fresh and inexperienced. They would love having some cum blown on their faces. There is that old saying that you have to spend money in order to make money and Dare Dorm certainly made a lot of money despite giving cash prizes to lucky students who made a good video.

They also give discounts to similarly themed websites and that would be loads of fun. After seeing the videos here, you would certainly want to enroll for the next semester and try your luck with horny college teens. Unfortunately, not all guys get what they want as some would go home empty handed since some girls only want hot guys. Dare Dorm makes that thought a reality so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of old guys enroll in colleges because of porn sites like this. There isn’t much content here but the videos that are here would make you cum several times until you enjoy it.