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The exclusive rule when it comes to strippers is that you never get hands on them unless it in special circumstances, and the website Dancing Bear has those special situations where touching is permitted. If you were to get physical with the strippers in clubs and other places, the bouncer would kick you out before you blinked twice! Anyway, enough about those strippers you cannot touch, let us look at the strippers who are touched and fucked. Its male strippers here who majestically show off their bodies to the screaming female crowds present.

The ladies are at parties, bachelorette bashes, clubs, or gathered for any occasion that calls for strippers. The males are a horny muscled bunch of guys who have impressive manhood poles. The story is that the parties have the ladies fully clothed; drinking, dancing, partying it up, and then the male stripper start his routine. Normally, there is a bear costume that the males wear, then the madness soon ensues. The male dances and moves the crowd to fever passionate arousal as garments come out and that thing starts getting hard.

The ladies take that man-pool and play with it, suck, kiss, blow hard, and even let the stripper sample their breasts and pussy through hot sex. The more the cock swings in the faces of the ladies, the more claps and horny mouths wet and ready to eat that meat come closer to the stripper. Those who watch the stripper cannot lift their gaze from the sex, the sucking, and soon they are slipping hands into their panties and rubbing themselves. Crowd participation is what makes the videos here really heated, it is diverse from the active babes to the others just staring and sipping on their drinks. The videos here are burning up the industry because they are excellently filmed, and they are mighty long.

Many of the Dancing Bear discount videos here are 2 hours or more, and that is time well spent when you play any of the films here. The filming sometimes is chaotic due to the fact that there are many things going on at the same time, but the producer always manages to edit and cover the events beautifully. For mobile users, the formats are there and for those on their computers they can start downloading or streaming after sign up. There is enough picture material inside linked to each party event video, but it is clear that videos are more importantly pursued by this website. The strippers are of different ethnicities, the variety of females here is too wide to describe.

Dancing Bear is a bit slow on the updating schedule, but they make updates monthly (maybe the fact that the videos here are so big in time-of-play that it takes time for them to be complied). But there are few frustrating element as far as content, website design and features are concentrated. There is more to be made known here, welcome, pick your membership pass today.