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The worst part about having a lot of things to actually say is not being able to gather the most appropriate words to say. This is the main reason why I really don’t like being a human being. It’s so filled with imperfections and we end up making the same mistakes over and over all the way into a never ending path. But I guess it’s a part of a bigger play of things. Rather than philosophizing too much about life, I might as well live it as it is. To that end, I would like to do a quick review of something really ironic.

Why do I call it ironic? Do some further analysis or maybe even just derive of some knowledge coming out of the surface. Japanese people are known for their apathy, especially the women. They don’t really welcome the idea of building up families as much as they don’t welcome the thought of getting married or simply settling with an intimate partner.

They put too much value to their enterprise system that they put less on the procreation of their nation. Of course, it’s all because they are clouded by the thought of continuously establishing a well-off economic status. Yet they are creating such wonderful porn sites such as the All Japanese Pass, which has been highly acclaimed for its substantial merit in the name of exhibiting sensuality and idiosyncratic passion for lust.

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