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New Sensations

New Sensations Discount

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New stars in the porn game are born every other time but few can survive the harsh torments of this competitive market. But it’s not all-dark news because now we got New Sensations. For many people the first time that they come inside this site they never forget it. The content that they have is pulsating good emotions to your loins and you will be loving everything they have. The site has worked inclusively with amateurs and pornstars in order to have experience in producing all kinds of porn.

So, if you want big-boy-ballers, like people who have a swagger that’s undeniable, this is a site you can trust. What they have done is to go inside other pornsites in the network to dig out the best productions. This makes things simpler for you because all you get from this site is episodes of the best kind of quality. Something else to note is that the various sites from which material comes from have been redesigned and they have different niches.

The first thing seen when inside the homepage is the latest episodes produced. To establish if they are hot, you can use the previews to see some of the action. In total, we are discussing about over 5540 movies that they have. We are also yapping about formats like wmv, flv, mp4. If you stream full versions of the pornography movies you are provided, you get to have more than one messy ejaculation because things are wild. You can get full HD and you can get older material that is in smaller resolution.

Let’s zoom into the picture section of more than 5134+ sets of images. Use this number and multiply with 200 pictures inside a set, the result is over a million images. One of the best sets of pics we saw had resolution in 1600 by 1200 pixel res. That has got to be okay for you because this is high res territory for you. So after changing your pants cause they are all wet and stuff, you can come back inside the site and download the zip files that they give you. There are many big boobed smuts inside who are famous for being such erotically pleasing models.

There are many niches on all the various highly entertaining niches that many of us have always liked. You cannot misunderstand what this site wants to do when they produce hard dicks that inch inside the screaming wet twats of hundreds of gal inside! They want you to come inside and to release some cum! With the New Sensations discount price, you get everything that constitutes a quality porn paysite. The pros of the site are more evident than anything else we saw. This site belongs in the top list when you discus pornsites you need to check out, so do it!


Kelly Madison

Kelly Madison Discount

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Kelly Madison has used her name to become a brand that many porn fans can easily recognized. She is known to be highly entertaining and the fact that big boobs bounce about while she fucks just adds to the fun. The amount of information that you will collect from the site inside is mountainous in form. She likes talking about herself in various ways. One method is by using her online website and by offering the fans lots of pics and movies. It is not just a matter of giving you the different likes and things she hates, but about letting you feel and know who Kelly really is inside.

This site chose to be personal in everything that they do. You will discover how she wasn’t just born with all that sex appeal, but how it slowly crept up on her. The blog that is online inside this site has various interviews with this gal where she talks on a wide range of topics. You will be able to get information straight from Kelly, better than reading information from someone outside speculating on what she like. Obviously, you will see that by now she has become a mature milf who’s got a seductive confidence around her. One more thing, her boobs are perfectly hers, in that, they are natural double DDs just the way you like them!

In 2001, she was already stepping into the scene and making movies. You will see that her archives go back to these early days, and it’s another reason why the site has over 2500 movies inside. The good quality movies can be so addictive because they are always in HD formats. They have also tried to make sure that full movie formats, and clips, are there for formats like wmv, and QuickTime.

Kelly is not shy about having solo performances, masturbating, and she does love working with fellow hot women pornstars in lesbian scenes. Her husband also gets to have sex with her continuously, with many hardcore sex episodes available including FFM threesomes. They got some ninety thousand plus images contained in galleries that number well above 2525 sets by now. When pics are at their best, they are high res clarity that anyone can really enjoy.

The soft and hard scenes that the site balances keep Kelly’s site feeling tasteful and versatile. The images get to be uploaded according to dates added. One thing is that older movies/pictures have mid res, we already discussed about how much information you are given about this gal, how there are blogs, Q/A sections, how they keep updating more, and lots more. Joining the site with the Kelly Madison discount is beneficial for people who prefer pornstar websites with personalized touches, babes, boobs, and huge amounts of porn. Its great inside.


Fake Taxi

Fake Taxi Discount

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Fake Taxi is about a guy who gives taxi rides to desperate chicks in UK and accepts payments in kind. A girl can pay with her ass or pussy but a blow job is also an acceptable means of payment. So far, the guy has come to the rescue of many gorgeous chicks that gets stranded on the road due to lack of cash or as a result of a variety of other reasons. Whatever the reasons may be, the guy is always ready to help out.

Once the girl gets in the taxi, she meets a friendly guy who breaks the ice by chatting and seducing her. This is a way to give her the opportunity to bargain and decide how she wants to pay for the ride. She can choose to give a blow job or get drilled in the ass or pussy. In case she does not bargain, the guy can make his own choice from the various goodies.

Fake Taxi is a fairly small site but they have managed to upload more than 155 videos of the taxi action. They are offering full HD files that you can download and save in your computer. You may also stream the videos online. There are a number of formats to choose from including MP4 (852×480; 2725k), Windows (1280×720; 5625k) and Flash (1280×720; 2567k).

Though they have no photos, there are nice thumbnails of the girls posing inside the car and they also give incredible video caps showing you what exactly is inside the movies. The site has a simple user interface with thumbnails displaying their scenes. Clicking on the thumbnail will take you to that particular scene and you can proceed to download or stream.

Their materials are not date stamped but it looks like they update at least 10 videos in a month and there are also bonus materials that you can check out. Their videos are quite long, averaging at 30 minutes each so their archives of videos translate into many hours of porn that will keep you busy for at least a month.

Most of the girls featured are aged between twenty and forty. You will get the normal town girl, pornstars and even gorgeous escort girls who just had nasty experiences with bad clients who refused to pay them their dues. They come looking for a rescue ride only to get drilled again in the car. You will see girls wearing different sexy attires like hot leather pants, office attires, casual as well as the girl next door type of outfits.

I can classify the Fake Taxi discount as one of those deals with exciting content that feature reality type of action that will keep you glued to your screen playing the unique scenes one after the other. The quality is great and the scenes are exclusive with a very nice touch of creativity. I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.