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Viv Thomas

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You cannot have the same thing every day. You cannot just eat the same kind of food every day, that’s not the right diet. Don’t be too selfish by constantly drowning yourself into depression knowing that people are getting worried about you by the day. Everything you take or do, is mostly, okay, as long as you do make them as routine. Try something new every day. Don’t be too focused on hardcore, sometimes you need to have an appreciation to the soft core blessings the heavenly adult industry has always been magnanimous to share. One of the greatest proofs of that would be Viv Thomas.

Come on, girls, and go vaulting in – you all know that Mr. Thomas has come to town. Where he is would always be your perfect avenue to express your feelings and go all out with them. You will need not any inhibitions as long as you are under his authority. Whatever kind of genre you think best suits you, he will let you do the choosing. And I’m assuming I’m talking to girls here, all right? But now, I’ll be talking to you as a guy – and don’t you think it is fun? Viv actually produces top-notch quality lesbian porn and videos of all sorts of crazy niches. There’s so much to enjoy here with the viv thomas discount offer, you won’t be asking for more. What’s more reassuring is the fact that he’s been in the industry for over 30 years, a total master of his craft, hailed glory by many.

Not only does Viv produce the videos, there are actually episodes where you will see him in full scale, uninhibited action. Yes, he is a Casanova and even in his mature age today, you will see the proof brimming from his physique. You could even bet that he can get laid more times than Chris Evans can. But, what are you to expect really from his hub of glory?

Here’s the major points to mention:

  • Viv offers 1449 videos to all of his members.
  • Every video does not go less than 30 minutes.
  • He allows his members to grab the videos through an easy download button.
  • There are over 2800 photo galleries entrenched in his portal.
  • There are several updates per week!

All these being said, there’s possibly nothing for you to look for anymore. Perhaps with Viv Thomas, you will finally be open to the thought that not all best-site claimers are trash. He lives to prove you wrong every day, as much as he does what he does for fun. And he’s energy’s contagious!



Scoreland Discount

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All the porn lovers have their favorite porn categories and among them I love big tit porn most. I was searching for a site that suits best with my preference and after checking out some I finally found mine. In this review I’ll let you know everything about it.

The name of my favorite big tit site is Scoreland. It is a pay site which bills itself as the top big boob site online. There are so many big boob sites online who also claims the same and I thought it to be one of those who feature only the fake boob porn stars. So, I was not interested about this site but some of the big tit babes of their ad pages made me check it out personally. After checking out some of its contents I was surprised. Oh yes, this site has got some of the top score big natural tits in all the videos, photos and even magazine contents man!

This huge site was launched in November 1997 which means it was online for more than 22 years. So, it is even older than some of you who are reading this review. You will get almost thousand pairs of big boobs and thousand gorgeous women holding them on their chest. The most exciting thing is most of these big tits are natural. Well, you can see some fake boobies too. There are a lot of famous porn stars here with big knockers such as Alyssa Alps, Barbie, Karina Hart Danni Ashe and more. You only get one bonus site with your membership but you will get a lot of bonus videos and photo sets.

After signing in all you can see are recent updates containing big boobs and boobs in the Scoreland discount homepage. Members can enjoy more than 1587 videos here right now. Each one of these videos can be played for almost 20 minutes in the embedded flash player. Members can also download all of them in MP4, M4V or WMV format. Score 2 Go is the only bonus site members can enjoy and it is also focused on big knockers.

With 20 years of experience they really have an improved design and helpful navigating tools. Members will get almost 5588 galleries here. Each one of them contains 50 photos. All of them can be easily downloaded in multiple sized Zip files. Scoreland Contents are not dated but you will get regular updates along with update log.


ATK Premium

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If you are a fan of gorgeous young adults and nude photography then ATK Premium is best for you. This site provides a modern look at the amateur girls you will definitely love and a lot of hot models who will simply take your breath away. Each one of these gorgeous babes features high-res photos, hours of video and in depth biographies. The site was launched in 2004 and till now they are maintaining their standard to keep its place as the original premium amateur girl’s porn site. They charge a very little amount for the membership and in exchange members get access to tons of contents featuring gorgeous young adults. You can find more details in the rest of the review.

After signing in you will land on the homepage of the ATK Premium discount page. All the recent updates will be right on to your face and you will definitely be impressed when you see its huge archives full of exclusive young amateur teen contents. You can surf through the contents very easily and the navigating tools will be very helpful to find desired contents. One of the reasons I love this site for is adding so many high resolution photos and HD videos recently along with the user features. Production team did a great job here as you will see exclusive locations and luxurious sets in the contents.

This site has been online for more than a decade so you can wish to have a lot of scenes here. Right now members can enjoy more than 3431 videos in the archives. Each one of them can be played for more than 12 minutes or downloaded in multiple formats. Formats are MP4, M4V, MOV and WMV. Recently added videos can be played over 6000k and 190 x 1080. These videos contain hardcore, solo or lesbian contents. If you like any specific girl you can get dozens of contents featuring only her. So, you can explore her totally in action or appreciate her acting skills.

Members can enjoy almost 7633 galleries featuring 634 models in ATK Premium. Each one of those galleries contains almost 119 photos. All of them can be easily downloaded in Zip files. Photos are sharp and bright and recently added ones can be up to 3000 x 2000. These photos were taken by professional photographers in some of the most exotic locations. You will get regular updates and update log too.