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Passion HD

Passion HD Discount

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The various promises that these guys make i.e. Passion HD, are enough to make any reasonable porn fan run to their site right this minute. They say they have super sexy mamas, they say they have honey dripping hot sexual material; they say they are the best in the market! But before you go off racing to get your membership, some due diligence is required. So let’s look at what these guys have for members!

The site has exclusive action meaning most of the production happens internally, so no general smut movies here! They also have hot amateur models who are definitely ripe and young. These gals take part in hardcore and softcore porn. They also do a lot of “passionate work” to make sure that the site’s name and the material are in sync.

Niches you will stumble upon inside Passion HD while you are frolicking for action include lesbo, reality, hardcore, solo, threesomes, and many more. The genius and utter gem of joining this site is the super High Def material inside. This is no exaggeration, but ALL the videos inside are HIGH DEF! Yes they are! This means the 130 models taking part in the 307+ scenes and 307+ picture-sets come to you in HIGH DEF.

The formats you can sample include mpeg, wmv, and flv. And many of the scenes take a nice thirty minutes from start to finish. Streaming and downloading are available.

In each set of picture, you will find over 200 pictures, with quality varying from standard photos to magnificent High Res ones. Downloading using the zip file availed is fast and simple. 

Here are two words that will excite you, “new passion hd discount network access.” Oh yes, membership to this bad-boy means that you can sample twenty-four other sites. What kind of sexing do you receive from these sites? Themed porn action, niches, updates, episodes, pictures, information, and a host of other enticing goodies come crashing in thanks to these bonus network sites. The amount of updates you will receive per day can easily hit the 100 mark, so you are really squeezing value out of your membership!

Browsing is all up to you really, since you are provided with various options. You can browse model-by-model, niche, site, update, keyword, and various other options. The fast servers that house these guys means you will have your movie and pics faster than you can say antitransubstantiationalist (and yes, this is a word!)

Now here is a list of things that are not so desirable on this site. The files are huge but since they are all HIGH DEF, this is something you should expect. There are some advertisements here and there, but hey, we all have to pay our bills somehow, so bear with them! Apart from other tiny issues, these guys seem to delivering on all aspects superbly!

Sexy, sexy, so sexy, is all we can say about Passion HD. If what you want is crystal clear smut movies that will knock the wind out of your lungs, you need to visit these guys. We recommend them one hundred and ten percent!


Exploited College Girls

Exploited College Girls Discount

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Everyone secretly knows that college girls are the hottest and horniest right? It must be those raging hormones when they come of age!

The Hottest Year Book Ever

Luckily for those that have always dreamed of getting into the panties of a hot college girl you can, with Exploited College Girls your dreams can come true. You get to see all of their antics and watch them cum hard.

The whole site and idea is quite unique, as when you open their homepage you get what looks a bit like a ‘Year Book’. Looking closer though, you realize that this year book is a little different than the one you saw at school.

Simple Site to Use

You choose a cute looking chick and open her profile and see what lies beneath. There are her basic stats’ and the scenes that she has taken part in. How simple is that! Like any Year Book of college collection you get the babes, the cuties, the book-worms and brainy types, then you also get the super hot babes. So, here there is quite a bit of variety. You can also find you own particular brand of turn-on too. If you like them a little more curvier or slimmer Exploited College Girls have catered to all types of body shapes and ideals.

All the girls have that innocent, just left school look, but all are raring to go. They have that air about them, that they have just found sex and are willing to try out anything. You get to watch them strip and turn around and show off their best assess.

Once a Member You Get Casting Couch Thrown In

Exploited College Girls have a huge following and if you have heard of Casting Couch, you will be thrilled to know that you get this, as one of the many bonus sites, thrown in for free once you become a member.


Watching the stuff is pretty straight forward, you can use Windows Media, or MP4 as well as flash player. There are over 500+ movies to look at and regular updates. If you love the whole fresh college girl idea with plenty of hardcore sex you will love Exploited College Girls too.


We Live Together

We Live Together Discount

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After watching a few scenes on We Live Together, you might get frustrated at the fact that life is so unfair. Since, how come non of these hot lesbians have moved in next-door to you? Many will agree, and still more would dream of being a fly on these hot babes walls to watch the action.

Watch Lesbians in Action

Thankfully We Live Together, does that for you. So, you can breath a sigh of relief. Here you get to watch as horny chicks finger each other, both anally and pussy, fuck each other with dildos and enjoy licking each others pussies clean. Sprinkled in with a helping of threesomes this site is really a dream cum true.

The Hottest Lesbian Models in Porn

So, if you enjoy looking at tits and pussy, you will suffer from pleasure overload once hitting their page. Here, you get up to five at once, which can be mind blowing. Did I mention that these girls are super hot?

The hot models are plentiful and to help you find one’s to fall in lust with, when you go to the ‘Girls’ page they have the highest rated first. They are truly gorgeous, with the types of body you can only hanker after. Soft natural tits, slim waists and long legs that go on forever. These girls look like Miss World contestants.

There is plenty of scene variation and tons shot outside in the summer sun. This is always a turn on for me personally. Hot girls in bikinis is a no brainer in terms of my nether regions. Some shots by the pool, some at the seaside and basically anywhere else you can think of.

Good Download Options

Download is easy since you are offered a number of different players to use, including WMV, MP4 and their own embedded flash player. All of the content is in HD and all is shot beautifully. With over 500 movies to watch and daily updates you will be entertained for hours.


An easy site to navigate around and eye-catching graphics and content keep We Live Together popular amongst its followers. They do offer two day trials if you want to see what it is all about. Once you have savored these gorgeous chicks it is doubtful you would want to leave so there are discounted joiner fees for longer terms.