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X Art

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X Art is a rather unique porn site that attempts to shift the focus of adult entertainment and hardcore aspects of sex into the eroticism of sex. While the distinction may be completely lost on some people, you are not going to see a lot of hardcore sex on this site, so if you are looking for that, you may want to head to another site immediately.

This site does not do any of the amateur videos that you have seen on another sites. There are no shaky cameras, bad angles, or poor lighting. Everything that is shot on this site is done so by expert filmographers who are working with some of the best equipment available to bring you the experience of adult entertainment. Surprisingly there is an x art discount despite the high quality production.

All of X Art’s videos are shot in high definition 1080p, meaning that you will not have a single fuzzy picture during the entire time that you are watching. Every single video is shot with a specific goal in mind, whether it is explore two women or a man on a man. Every video is specifically titled and named for a single scene, meaning that each of the videos that you see on the set list has been written and composed by professionals. These are not some geeks that are sitting around and writing mindless porn, there are the very best minds in adult entertainment that have been put together in order to bring you the highest quality porn that they can muster.

When it comes to joining the site you have several options in terms of length and fees. The most popular membership will cost you $29.99 a month and give you full access for a full month. All things considered, X Art is above average and should be one of the first destinations you go to if you are looking for something new and interesting.


DDF Network

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DDF Network is an award winning website that has not received a great deal of limelight in the past few years, although they have been active for over six years on the same site. The first thing to consider about this site is the layout and design.

The first thing that you are going to notice about this site is that the background text is downright offensive to your eyes, and the font will make you squint until you are seeing double. The one thing that you will see is some of the hot women on the site. At a quick glance, they are all hot and in their twenties, with rather decent bodies. However, once you begin to really look at the women, you will quickly see that the majority of them are heavily made-up versions of one another.

The good part about the models is that there is a lot of them; right now the site is carrying videos and photographs of over two thousand different women for your viewing pleasure. This is a good deal of women, and there is little wonder as to how they have won all of the different awards for their site with a collection so large and talented. Speaking of awards, DDF Network discount has won several adult entertainment awards, including the prestigious AVN award for the last three years in different categories. One of them was for their unique brand of music and filmography.

There things are often taken for granted in the porn industry, but the engineers at DDF Network have made it so you never miss a second of the action, and that the music is cool and subtle, rather than blaring elevator music. These things make the porn experience much better and more approachable. Another great part about this site is the fact that they have over twelve thousand different videos across their platform. This is a huge number, which will make you question if they are all of decent quality, and in consideration of that question, about sixty percent of them are good quality. Many of these videos have been filmed in the times before 1080p and other forms of high definition. However, the sheer number of videos more than compensates for this little drawback.

All things considered, the DDF Network is above average: worth the membership and fresh enough to capture your imagination. 


Blacks on Blondes

Blacks on Blondes Discount

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There are 599 videos of black guys doing white chicks over at Blacks on Blondes. You got the option to download them in full length or in clips. There is a link to watch them in your mobile devices as well as you can masturbate no matter where you are. You also have the option of streaming the videos on an embedded player but that is going to require you to have a fast Internet connection which is what everyone has nowadays.

One of the reasons to recommend Blacks on Blondes is their overwhelming amount of content. They also have 599 photo sets and the quality is superb. The galleries here replay the action and they can all be saved in a Zip file. You are going to get all kinds of chicks here from the chubby black girl to the hot amateur blonde. All of them have one mission and that is to eat some black cocks and drink their cum after it gets sprinted all over their faces.

For bonuses, you are going to get access to the entire Dogfart network which consists of about 20 websites. How’s that for a nice bonus? Most of the websites there focuses on black dudes hammering white chicks so if you are in for that sort of stuff then you are going to be in for a treat. Some threesome action happens often here as there are times when two black dudes try to do one girl at the same time as one black guy tries to hammer the chick from behind while the other black guy gets his cock eaten by the same chick.

There are times when two blondes share one black muscular dude on Blacks on Blondes. Of course, the black dude is all up for that as he just lies down while he eats the pussy of one of them while the other humps his cock missionary styles. It is too bad some bonus sites are not updating but you can expect that in a big network. There is no advanced search here either.


Playboy Plus

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When you get to the homepage of Playboy Plus, it will provide you with links to different stuff including some where you have to pay extra in order to access them. The other links would give you entry to some good stuff though. It is going to be easy to find the stuff you want as you can search using physical attributes or sex positions.

There are 6068 Playboy Plus videos and there are many options of downloading them and the best one has got to be downloading them on high definition. You can also stream the flicks in an embedded player if you are that type of guy who wants to watch porn right away. As long as you have a fast Internet connection then that is always a good option. If you have a slow net connection then it is always going to buffer and that is going to make you mad.

There are 6083 galleries and the quality is outstanding as it is on par with the other Playboy pictures online. You got the option of downloading them in Zip files so you can view them later on or viewing them in a slideshow. However, some people just have a hard time jacking off when it is viewed on a slideshow.

There is no hardcore material in this website as it is strictly soft core. The roster of girls is pretty impressive as the playboy plus discount and you will get some well known celebrities to popular porn stars to watch. The stuff at this site is what you would expect in a Playboy magazine spread as there is no playing with sex toys here. There are no licking of pussies either but they do what they can do with the soft core theme.

The girls here are seductive all the time as they are not ashamed to show off their curvy bodies to the proud members of the website. Since it is Playboy, the quality here is superb as it has always been ever since Playboy was born. They don’t want to be associated with a website that uses its name but the quality is not that good so they see to it that it is.


Evil Angel

Evil Angel Discount

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I love Supernatural and I really love how Sam and Dean are able to pull their shit together. Sometimes, I even my brother and I being the two brothers because sometimes, we kind of share the same sentiments for as far as brotherhood goes. And with Supernatural, I was able to embrace the reality of angels. They’re not totally the kindest you’ll see and just like Ann, some even have their naughty sides fully equipped. If you want to experience angels, the naughty ones like Ann, which Dean Winchester was able to fuck before she surrendered her grace, then you should definitely check out the Evil Angel site.

I could go on with a long list as to why you should pick Evil Angel as one of your daily porn visits, but one thing is for sure, it will make you feel like flying as you masturbate as though you have wings that of a naughty angel. The contents are just so diverse. The scenes are just so quixotic, many of them will make you feel like dreamy and just fall deep to slumber where you can drown deep into sexual hedonism.

So, in order to become a part of the whole Evil Angel discount community, you have to register and pay on a monthly basis. Basically, it’s only 19.95 dollars a month and what you get out of that will exceed your expectations. Just imagine being able to finally access a database of 8100 movies that can all be played in HD format. Not only that, you will also gain access to tons of photo galleries that each contain around 80 to 85 pictures per set. The images would really make great background pictures for your smartphone or simply work as hidden treasures that you can grab for a quick masturbation at the comfort room in the office. Naughty, huh?

It’s high time that you make a change and that change should be with the divinities. No doubt, you should join the Evil Angel community now for a celestial kind of sexual rush!


Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures Discount

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I recently watched a video where this woman was talking about the society loves to objectify women as sex objects. To be more precise, she was pointing out how men love to sexually objectify women. Well, that’s just unfair. If you think about it, it’s not our fault our genitals protrude from inside out. It’s because out genitals are more external that we easily get driven to this thing called sexual desire. So much for that, I suggest you watch some porn where I do. For some wicked kind of fun, it’s about time you try the magnificence of Wicked Pictures.

Wicked Pictures is among my most favorite porn sites. It wasn’t till late last year that I discovered Wicked Pictures to be a truly sophisticated hell of a porn infrastructure. It’s not just like those porn sites that are only awesome looking on the superficial. This one really roots for getting your standards dynamic and innovative. WickedPictures really lives by its name. For one, the contents are totally wicked, in every sense of the word. You’ll see Gothic women groping other Goths or men ogling and motor boating tits of smokin’ hot sweethearts!

There’s so much to get from Wicked Pictures. For one, there are over 3152 movies and half of the movies are actually executable in HD format. That basically you get to see crystal clear tits, asses, and dongs flying all over your screen, bumping and thumping and making you hornier by the moment. Another one to look forward to would be the awesome photo galleries. There’s over 3096 pic sets, which you should multiply to a hundred as every set contains a hundred pics!

If you want to be a member of the Wicked Pictures discount community, which you should not even think twice about, all you have to do is pay 9.95 bucks a month. What’s more is that with that amount, you will gain full access to downloading any content. You can choose from 3 minute short clips to options that go over the 30 minute line to make the whole experience satiating. Enjoy!